DA Systems and Zego

On Demand Insurance

Seamlessly integrated, the DA Systems and Zego combination provides a fully automated solution for on-the-go insurance. Accepting work within the NX app will automatically trigger the Zego insurance policy and once completed, the insurance will automatically end.

The simplicity of the set up is great for drivers who wish to work flexibly and cannot afford or justify the upfront insurance costs. Following the above 6 steps, it’s quick and easy for drivers to register with Zego. NX Transport will then trigger the cover automatically when the courier starts and finishes jobs. All insurance documents will be stored in the Zego app for reference.

This in turn will help you to build up your flexible working fleet. Using the Zego plug-in with the NX Transport app will provide this seamless and attractive integration for new couriers. Giving drivers the option to use Zego as their insurance provider will lower the daunting annual policy costs and encourage more people to join your flexible working fleet.

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