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We constantly re-invest in the DA Systems software and product development to ensure we provide our customers with long-term solutions for their businesses. Our aim is to allow our customers to control and manage their operations. This significantly reduces operating costs, increases business efficiency and maximises service quality.

On a continuous basis we issue upgrades containing new software features and functionality, which is based on a dedicated roadmap designed to benefit all our customers.

The product roadmap includes technology updates, software updates, functionality enhancements and new features. These upgrades are based on requests and suggestions from clients through regular focus groups and feedback forums.

We combine this with our own research and development undertaken by our in-house team of developers, analysts and product specialists.

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  • Make bookings in seconds, not minutes
  • Ad-hoc, contract, medical, technical, retail with delivery windows; all out of the box functionality
  • Royal Mail & Eircode postcode lookups with Google distance routing
  • Provide quotes and estimated delivery times to your customers
  • Multi pickup/drop-off with unlimited stops
  • Customer web portal for self-serve booking & tracking (including follow my driver maps)
  • Multi-site support: 1, 10 or 100+ locations? No problem!
  • Repeat / schedule bookings with calendar
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  • Completely configurable – have 1 screen for everything, follow our best practice (waiting, in progress, completed and pre-booked) or split up the work however best works for you
  • Comprehensive feature set: on-site, POB, POC, POD, ETA, delays, extras
  • ‘Closest driver’ feature
  • Fleet Tracking screens – including snail trail and ‘fleet sharing’ functionality
  • Share work with other DA Systems users via built-in real-time work sharing interface – ideal for overflow, sub-contract or pseudo-network arrangements. Widen your reach!
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  • Sign on screen proof of delivery (POD) signature capture
  • Exception handling for failed or unattended deliveries (including photo capture)
  • Customer authorised waiting time (with signature)
  • Track & Trace barcode scanning with scan validation and unitisation
  • Integrated two-way messaging with broadcast feature
  • Secure real time mobile data transfer
  • Android and iOS support, with deployment via public or private app store or MDM such as SOTI
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  • Booking level pricing supports mileage, zonal, ‘specials’, pieces & weight, W&R and base to base – among others
  • Booking surcharges such as out of hours, admin fee, congestion charge, discount
  • Invoice surcharges such as fuel surcharge, discount
  • Multiple invoice layouts supported – if you have multiple brands or you have customers with specific invoice requirements – no problem!
  • Invoices can be emailed as PDF straight to your customer’s inbox.
  • Export to all major accounts systems (Sage, Xero etc)
Payment icon - coin being passed from someone's hand
  • Booking level pricing supports mileage, zonal, ‘specials’, pieces & weight, W&R and base to base – among others
  • Booking surcharges such as out of hours, admin fee, congestion charge, discount
  • Loans, funds, bonds, miscellaneous credits and debits, carried forward debits all supported
  • Driver self-bill invoice layout can be tailored to your specifications
  • Driver pay sheets can be emailed as PDF straight to your driver’s inbox
  • Export to all major accounts systems (Sage, Xero etc)
Analytics / Reporting icon
  • Our comprehensive suite of over 70 standards reports will support most of your needs out of the box
  • For anything else, you have access to a dedicated report writing expert
  • Standard reports include:
    • KPI
    • Gross margin by customer/driver/vehicle/location
    • Invoice profitability
    • 13 week trader
    • Scanning compliance
    • Telephonist performance
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  • Cloud, on-premise or data centre – your choice!
  • Hundreds of interfaces to many well-known systems (APC, Shutl, Courier Exchange, SAP, One Transport etc)
  • Secure web portal with the front end branded to your corporate scheme
  • Extremely scalable MS-SQL database (some customers put 10’s of thousands of jobs/day through) and DR ready
  • Multi-site support over WAN or broadband (low bandwidth requirements)
  • Our Agile development teams use a variety of technologies to deliver our solutions: C#, Angular 2, Node, MS-SQL, various Azure services, Xamarin and even Delphi
Customer service icon - man with a headset on
  • 24/7 support is provided via our dedicated service desk team (all ITIL qualified & ITSM trained)
  • Bespoke software development services. Had an Idea? Don’t sit on it! Get in touch and have a conversation, we will be able to help
  • Need to understand best practice? Would you like us to assist with a customer presentation? Let us know
  • Every implementation has a bespoke training plan designed to make you comfortable with your specific use of the system
  • Project Management. Every install and large development is carefully managed by our PRINCE II project managers
  • We are GDPR ready and so are our systems – are you?