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The information we collect about you

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This website provides links to a number of external websites. DA Systems is not in anyway responsible for the privacy practices or content of such websites.

If you have any questions concerning the privacy of your information please email your questions to and you will be contacted by the appropriate person.

NX Transport – Driver Mobile App

In order for the app to function as expected, it requires access to ‘GPS’, ‘Camera’ and ‘Read Phone State’ services on the device.


Whilst a driver is logged into the mobile app, we collect GPS positional data every 30-60 seconds and transmit this securely (over HTTPS) to our NX Fleet Tracking servers. The GPS data is used to display driver positions on a map in the control room and on the NX Insight customer tracking web portal. GPS data is also used within ACI for the ‘closest driver’ function. GPS data is retained for up to 12 months.


The barcode scanning function within the app suports both dedicated barcode scanning hardware and scanning via the camera (OCR). If your device does not have dedicated barcode scanning hardware then you will need to allow the app to access the camera in order to scan barcodes. Exceptions captured at a stop (such as ‘Damaged parcel – accepted’) can be configured to require a photo as evidence. If you do not allow the app to access the camera and you attempt to record an exception which has a mandatory photo requirement, then you will not be able to proceed.

Read Phone State

The application shows a ‘connection status’ which shows the user if they are connected to our servers. In order to do this, the app needs access to the phone state to understand if the device is in coverage or not. The app also allows to user to call a stop contact from within the app by tapping on their details. In order to establish the call the app needs access to the phone. The phone state is not retained or transmitted, it is used solely within the app. If the permission is not enabled then the app will not know if is connected and will assume not and will therefore not work as expected.